A big appetite at Big Sky Cafe

Food is often considered the metaphorical fuel that powers our bodies and if that’s the case, the wholesome, locally sourced menu at Big Sky Cafe is an electric charging station.

Upon entering the front door of the restaurant on Broad Street downtown, a sense of calm washes over as you find yourself surrounded by pastel paintings of mountains and a glow of natural light th at blankets the wood tables and chairs.

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Delicious choices at Big Sky Cafe.

Big Sky Cafe offers such a peaceful setting, it would come as no surprise if you glanced to the right of your meal and glimpsed a harpist plucking a soothing melody from the corner of the room.
The menu features globally inspired flavors, with options like buttermilk fried chicken, vegan Spanish paella, and gumbo yaya. Each visit to this appetizing abode is a new opportunity to take a taste tour through a different point on the map.

big sky cafe vegetarian

Delicious dishes at Big Sky Cafe

The farmers market plate shown here exhibits the best locally sourced vegetables in the region prepared in various ways that offer crunch, tender roasting, and meaty chewiness all on one plate. The cauliflower is lightly coated in rice flour before its flash fried, creating a delightfully crunchy exterior and soft middle. Dunked in a spicy yet tangy sauce, broccoli’s pale cousin is elevated to new heights. The carrots are roasted until tender then glazed in local honey, citrus and ginger, which propels them from rabbit food to palate pleaser. Pair these two vivacious veggies with a side of crispy potatoes and the result is a mouthwatering mix that could turn entice even the most meat-minded carnivore.
Breakfast at Big Sky Cafe is worth setting an alarm for, whether you’ve slept a full eight hours or not. A waft of salty, buttery aroma dances across the room and ushers in morning diners in a way that helps rub the sleep from your eyes so you can better see the bounty that will soon grace your table. Breakfast staples like scrambles and eggs benedict are available, but the true magic is in the unusual additions like the lentil mushroom stew with a poached egg and zhoug pictured here. The unexpected burst of herbs and seasonings activate the mind quicker than any cup of joe.
And whether you’re dining for breakfast, lunch, dinner, Big Sky Cafe offers a basket of fresh breads to help mop up the remnants of what is sure to be a memorable dining experience that really goes the extra mile.

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