Sheila Kearns – A Luxury Chocolate Experience

Though the nearby canal may be a far cry from the Seine River that flows through Paris, stepping into Sheila Kearns Chocolate and Confections on Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo will transport you to France. Illuminated behind glass on elegant trays, a series of hand-painted chocolates adorns small silver platters at the quaint chocolate…

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What’s New & Hot in San Luis Obispo Summer 2021

Summer is here and California is OPEN! We are so happy to see people vacationing, eating, drinking, shopping and having fun. I’ve been out and about in San Luis Obispo and am happy to report that new businesses are opening everywhere. Here’s a short list of some delicious new eateries & drinkeries you must try.…

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Ziggy’s Hot Vegan Take Out

While it’s no longer an unfamiliar word that leaves your dinner guests with a puzzled look on their faces, the word “vegan” is still often associated with plates of shredded iceberg lettuce or raw carrot sticks. The truth is that vegans have not-so-secretly been enjoying the same satisfyingly greasy fast-food style burgers, fries, and tacos…

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Edna Valley Market

Motorists in search of a solution to their gas light typically pull through a station where, inside a small hut little by fluorescent lights, they are left to solve their own empty tank with the the likes of orange “cheese” dusted corn chips and rotisserie hot dogs. But in the lot of a gas station…

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What’s the Buzz about Breakfast?


Insert the word “burrito” into a story about any bad day and you automatically change the arc of the narrative from getting a flat tire and being late to work to a story about a time you savagely devoured a salty assortment of veggies, meat, and sauce enrobed in a soft tortilla. So what happens…

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Culinary Cravings at the Carrisa

The life of a bachelor can be thought of as untethered by romantic restraints and thus, free of the dietary restrictions that accompany ordering as a couple. For instance, a person in a relationship must answer to his or her counterpart in regards to whether or not a certain dish contains any nutritional value or…

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Bottomless Mimosas, Oh My!

Let me start by saying, I’m no lush, but I do so appreciate a good bottomless mimosa brunch. To my knowledge, very few, if any restaurants in San Luis Obispo serve a proper brunch AND offer bottomless mimosas. (Please, correct me if I’m wrong.) Times have changed my friends! Novo is offering bottomless mimosas along…

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Parisian pastries and eccentric espresso in San Luis Obispo

macaroons, cupcakes, kin, bakery, coffee, san luis obispo

You needn’t risk breaking the heel of your stiletto or threaten to dislodge a disk in your back while tottering down a cobble stone road in order to come across a flaky pastry, thin and fluffy crepe, or perfectly steamed latte. Paris is not the only place to offer such lavish mid-morning treats, they can…

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A big appetite at Big Sky Cafe

big sky cafe vegetarian

Food is often considered the metaphorical fuel that powers our bodies and if that’s the case, the wholesome, locally sourced menu at Big Sky Cafe is an electric charging station. Upon entering the front door of the restaurant on Broad Street downtown, a sense of calm washes over as you find yourself surrounded by pastel…

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Roll Out the Barrels

mac n cheese, roll out the barrels, san luis obispo

Barrels in the Plaza, food in the belly. People in small towns across America often joke that there are five seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, and construction season. While there is a fair amount of road work being done at any given time in San Luis Obispo County, the extra season here is actually festival…

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