Birthday Parties Bachelorette Weddings Reunions… what to do?

Last summer my sister had her wedding reception in San Luis Obipso. Numerous family fly to San Luis Obispo from the midwest for the event. There was a lot of time and spent by my sister and I discussing “what do we do with them”?

There’s wine tasting, we do live in one of the most phenomenal microclimates for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. However, there’s also the conundrum of “what do we do with twenty intoxicated people”? Add into that equation the pregnant family, the NA family, and don’t forget to pack snacks for the drunkards. New plan.

You’re planning a big event; your college roommate’s 30th birthday. Your sister is getting married. Maybe you’re in charge of planning a bachelorette party. Your family is visiting SLO and you need to get them out of the house for a few hours (go away mom in law). There are so many things do to in SLO. Go to the beach, farmers market, dinner party, hiking, drive up Hwy 1, all great ideas. However, some lack the intimacy, the one-on-one attention, and the “let someone else do the thinking (cooking and cocktails)” for you.

Warning, this blog is 100% a shameless plug for Taste of SLO – Walking Food Tour, because it’s the perfect activity for a large group of people. Let me walk you through exactly what Taste of SLO is all about.


The tour group meets downtown at a delicious cookie destination where we sample freshly baked cookies in unique flavors. We then walk for about 10 minutes through downtown discussing other restaurants and eatery’s we pass, as well as noticing landmarks and other businesses of interest. Next, we stop at a bakery where we taste items like freshly baked cinnamon swirl bread, chocolate zucchini bread, cheddar garlic loaf, oatmeal bread, etc. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of butter for everyone. Third destination, classic style Santa Maria style BBQ, tri tip, chicken, garlic bread, and more! This is one of the best stops, there is sooo much food! From there, we walk along the creekside path, where everyone is delighted to see the stream running with copious amounts of water. Did you know the trout will be here soon swimming up the creek and spawning? Cool!

Taste of SLOFrom the creekside walk, we continue onto craft beer tasting in a charming speakeasy. We then move on to the “MoJo” district of SLO, where Monterey meet’s Johnson for some tasty sliders and interesting salads. Lastly, we end at an ambient wine lounge to finish off our day with a local white and red wine tasting. This tour takes 3.5 hours, walks a total of 2 miles throughout downtown San Luis Obispo, and leaves you feeling very full. Did I  mention there is beer and wine? Want to save money? Tour prices are just $75 per person by using the code GROUP-PARTY  by 5/17/17.  This code saves you $15 per person! Book a tasting tour for your group, they will eat, sip, laugh and burn calories, and you will be the star planner of the big event. Salute my friends, see you on the tour.

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