Culinary Cravings at the Carrisa

The life of a bachelor can be thought of as untethered by romantic restraints and thus, free of the dietary restrictions that accompany ordering as a couple.

For instance, a person in a relationship must answer to his or her counterpart in regards to whether or not a certain dish contains any nutritional value or if it’s actually what some darkness dwellers deem “empty calories.”
The menu at The Carrisa on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo embodies the single life: a wide range of meals that make your mouth water but you’d likely hide from a date in order to avoid skepticism.
Not only is the food hyper indulgent and eclectic, ranging from fried rice to loaded nachos to burgers, but the menu is actually divided into sections based on whether the item is tacos or not tacos.
The subcategories suggest tacos are a favorite here in this modern, open air dining room, where water is served in a vase and the lighting fixtures look like they rolled out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
And indeed, tacos are a must-try, considering a wide variety of options that includes baja fish, grilled chicken, roasted cauliflower, and impossible burger.
The tacos only survive about two big bites and go down with a trail of savory sauce and seasoning.
Pair the tacos with an appetizer of the elote, a cotija cheese-flekked and butter-rubbed ear of corn, for the perfect MexiCali meal. Or put a spin on tradition and break up the taco taste with the Refreshing Salad, which features fruit, nuts, and avocado tossed in a spicy citrus dressing.
The sweetness of the berries, avocado’s creamy texture, and crisp crunch of the arugula make for a well-rounded salad that keeps the tastebuds intrigued bite after bite.
Also on the menu are The Carrisa bowls, which can be ordered vegetarian or packed with meat.
The bowl pictured includes cabbage, radish, cucumber, carrot, fried egg, sesame oil and beyond burger, which combine for a punch of flavor in each layer.
The sesame oil paired with the fried egg create a rich decadence that makes this dish slide across the tongue much like a fresh buttered croissant.
The veggies can only be equated to the concerned mother rushing into the bachelor pad with a dose of maternal nurturing, a wave of love that contains in it a splash of judgement for not eating healthier.
If the buttered noodles and street sliders begin to clog an artery with their saucy, fatty goodness, flush out the pipeline with a blast of the fresh-pressed juices The Carrisa has on hand.

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