Edna Valley Market

Motorists in search of a solution to their gas light typically pull through a station where, inside a small hut little by fluorescent lights, they are left to solve their own empty tank with the the likes of orange “cheese” dusted corn chips and rotisserie hot dogs. But in the lot of a gas station on Tank Farm Road and Broad Street in San Luis Obispo stands a small market, here fresh deli sandwiches and breakfast burritos delight any change visitor.

Standing alongside gas pumps and adorned with glowing lottery tickets neon signs, the Edna Valley market may not look like much from the outside. But behind the counter of the miniaturized deli, magic is made one sandwich at a time.

From the menu, consider ordering the Long Board, which includes turkey, salami and pastrami amount an assortment of veggies. or perhaps you’re in the mood for the vegetarian friendly Gidget, which features hummus, gouda, avocado, and too many vegetables to mention. Keeping with the markets loose Hawaiin theme, the Big Kahuna sandwich is saddled with a half pound of smoked brisket and the Wahine sandwich boasts homemade solid white albacore tuna salad. Whether you’re craving a salad or a burger, the market meets – or the meats, depending on your diet – the needs of any customers desires.

The real MVP, the Ono Grinds if you will, is the breakfast burrito, which may be one of the biggest bargains in all of SLO. At just $6.95, the enormity of this burrito packs value and flavor in an incredible price per mouth watering bite comparison. Not Only is the troll encased breakfast positively delectable, it’s packed with farm fresh eggs, gooey cheese, patios and onions. For just $1.95 more, you can add your choice of meat, and there are many ways to customize this burrito. The pure heft of the Ono Grinds is enough to satiate even the hurries early bird, who will appreciate the opportunity to get a beak full of this savory meal as early as 7 am.

Ono Grinds Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

One of the amazing qualities of this mom ‘n pop market is its dedication to local produce and high quality ingedients. While it would be easier (and certainly much cheaper) for the Edna Valley Market to use commercialized ingredients, the incredible SLO grown spot grills up quality while prioritizing value for customers. Whether you live in San Luis Obispo or are just stopping through.

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