Favorite Finds at Thursday SLO Farmer’s Market

Evening is drawing near on a Thursday, the six o’clock bell is about to be rung, and the streets are alive with the pulse of anticipation. It’s farmers market, come all and search out what our local famers have to offer you. There is SO much to choose from at farmers market! Yes, of course there are fruits and vegetables galore, but what else can you find at the Farmer’s Market? Here’s my list of favorite finds, usual and unique.


hawk farmers market

Renaissance Hawk

Special Vendors:

You really never know who’s going to be at the farmers market and what they will be promoting. Case in point, the hawk I met the last time I went to farmers market.

This hawk’s people were displaying him to encourage attendance at the Paso Robles Renaissance Fair. The hawk looks a bit disheveled because his humans keep him damp so he stays cool and at a low stress level. Hawk 101 @ Farmer’s Market.


Roses… love love love.

Not to be missed, the roses. Choose single stem, roses by the dozen, and every color of the rainbow is represented. for me, I adore the shabby chic blush pinks, and the vintage lavender arrangements. I usually buy the $5 bouquet’s of mini roses. I find that the roses stay fresh and beautiful looking for at least a week!




Food Food FOOD:

mini pie

Hi, I like pie.

I like to eat a little. Like I am a fan. At the farmer’s market, there


Pie Lady

is a lot of unique food. One of my favorite vendor’s to visit is what I refer to as “Pie Lady”, or Marcie’s as she labels her product. Marcie’s pies are insanely delicious, and come in three convent sizes: “my pie”, “a pie I might share with you”, and “ok, I’ll share this pie with you”.  The mini pie’s I’m holding are just $3 each! She features a unique flavor of the month, and bakes her pies fresh daily before each farmers market. I always look forward to blueberry season!! Buy me a pie and I’m yours forever.





Sugar Lips doughnuts, photo credit @luckylovesfood

One of the other notable food vendors is Sugar Lips, they are a mobile doughnut factory, and oh so good! They have a variety of toppings and sauces to make your doughnuts more memorable than a tinder date.

If drinking is more your speed, check out L&C Smith Groves fresh squeezed juice. The blended citrus juice they create is a must try! It usually has some blend of cara cara orange, tangerine, navel orange, ruby red grapefruit, and more.

orange juice

Fresh squeezed juice.

This juice is sweet nectar of the gods and mixes exceptionally well with California sparkling wine to make the perfect mimosa. This week I tried the straight OJ blend, and was so happy with it! I used it to make a mean green smoothie with apples, kale, mango and spinach.




Lastly, but definitely not the least, taste the rainbow of fresh, local produce at Thursday night farmers market. Not only are the flavors exceptional, about 80% of the money you spend at your local farmers market stays in the community.


It’s zucchini season!




Leafy greens.

purple eggplant

Eggplant recipes anyone?

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