Firestone Grill Secret Menu

What does secret menu make you think of? In N Out perhaps? Secret menus have become a tremendously trendy restaurant concept, and we’ve unlocked a few speciality items at San Luis Obispo’s Firestone Grill for you to try. Note: these items may not be super secret, but, they are delicious eating hacks for one of SLO’s most popular restaurants.

Tri Tip Cut Up 

This clever little hack makes eating a big juicy tri tip so much easier! Sharing? Little cut up pieces of meat and toasted roll are great for passing around and little fingers. Not to mention, dipping into barbecue sauce just got a whole lot easier.

tri tip san luis obispo tri tip challenge

The best way to eat or share a tri tip sandwich!

French Fries and Onion Rings Mixed

Love french fries AND onion rings? ME TOO! Order the basket mixed and have the best of both worlds. Firestone’s legendary, perfectly seasoned fries, and crispy onion rings. Ranch on the side included.

french fries onion rings ranch

The best of both worlds.

You on a diet? Healthy salad ahead!

Southwest Salad add grilled Tilapia, what? That’s right! The fish taco that usually encased in a carb loaded wrap can be served atop your choice of salad instead. Keep your macros on track and you tastebuds buzzing with this unusual combo.

tilapia salad healthy low carb diet

Light on carbs, big on flavor and protein.

Spicy Chicken Wings

Maybe you’ve noticed these spicy little wings on the Firestone happy hour menu. They have some modest heat and are fried to heavenly perfection. (I’ve never met a fried food I didn’t like, says the midwesterner in me.) Yes, ranch is included. 🙂

spicy chicken wings happy hour fried food

Spicy Chicken Wings

Grilled Cheese

Maybe you’re 8, maybe your 8 year old is with you, or perhaps you have the pallet of an 8 year old (you know who you are). Don’t fret, bread, cheese, grilled, melted, basic. Just like your girlfriend. SHE’S GOT JOKES!

grilled cheese

For the advanced eaters out there.

Firebird as a Wrap

The Firebird Sandwich is pile of chicken tenders, some seriously spicy fire (Sriracha mayo) sauce, jack cheese, add tomatoes, lettuce, onion. It is usually served on a fluffy wheat bun, BUT, I like it better in a flour tortilla.

chicken tender wrap spicy sandwich

Firebird Wrap


Stay hungry my friends!

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