Old San Luis BBQ Co.

IMG_2488My brother in law, Ricky, is a golfer (a really gifted golfer), competing in tournaments regularly.  Food is second to golf at these events, and recently after playing in the French Hospital  Tournament at the SLOCC, Ricky was raving about these tri-tip sliders he had tried on the course. Fast forward to my eat everywhere experiment, and Ricky, my sister Sabrina, and I were all loaded up in the car, and driving to Old San Luis BBQ Co.

Old San Luis BBQ Co. is on the south end of Higuera Street, with indoor dining, and outdoor dining next to the creek. The indoor seating is charming, with cozy nooks decorated with armchairs, or a community style picnic table, complete with rolls of paper towels to mop the the delicious BBQ off your face and hands. There are huge windows with sunlight streaming in, and the ambiance was truly inviting.

There’s a walk up window to order, whether you are sitting indoors or out. We had some questions and the girl at the window was super helpful and nice as we quizzed her about the menu items. Here’s something I learned, you get your choice of bread when ordering a sandwich; french, sourdough, or have it mini style on a slider bun. Rick was right (as per usual), the Candied Bacon Tri-Tip is delicious. Like sweet, savory, bacon yum, tri-tip amazing on a sourdough bun. I highly recommend you try this if you go here. Here’s the weird part, it’s not even on the menu! Is this some kind of secret food cult thing? Don’t hide this from us Old SLO BBQ Co., let us know about your bacon tri-tip bbq trifecta!


IMG_2485In love with the corn pie, insert heart emoji here. Literally, it is served like a piece of pie, full of corn, cheese and dough goodness. YUM. As I was stuffing all of this meat and corn in my mouth, I was washing it down with ice cold Strawberry Lemonade, which is so refreshing! I really love a good lemonade; tart, ice cold, thirst quenching, with a sweet strawberry finish. Bonus, refills are only a $1. Another winning move by Old SLO BBQ Co, buy one beer, get an 805 beer for $1!!! Woo hoo, ooh, I love good deals! Up sell me beer all day for $1, you’re guaranteed to have a sale from this girl.

Did you know Old San Luis BBQ Co. is open until 2 am on the weekends? Hello after bar sando. Would I go back? Yaaasss!

One last thing, smiles are always free at San Luis BBQ Co. 🙂

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  1. Brad Nixon on August 5, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    Looking forward to more reviews of food options in your excellent town. Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.

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