Rediscovering Taste of SLO

How’s it going, my fellow food adventurers? I’m Angee, the brains (and stomach) behind Taste of SLO Walking Food Tour. Just a friendly Minnesotan-turned-Californian who’s been soaking up the sunshine in San Luis Obispo since 2013.

Angee sitting on a bench outside, smiling and enjoying.

Hi, it’s me Angee!

So, why did I kickstart Taste of SLO, you ask? Well, it all started with my love affair with this slice of Central Coast paradise. Coming from the wide-open spaces of rural Minnesota, SLO felt like a non-stop vacation! I couldn’t keep the secret to myself, so Taste of SLO became my way of sharing the love with friends and family.

Now, let’s talk about my credentials in the food hospitality rodeo – we’re talking a whopping 25+ years of culinary escapades. My superpower? Crafting an experience so fantastic you’ll be writing love letters to your taste buds. I’m all about building delicious memories that stick around like the smell of fresh-baked cookies.

Guess what? Taste of SLO is turning 8 this year! Can you believe it? We’ve danced our way through more than 50 small businesses on the tour, and the party’s just getting started. It’s like a never-ending feast, and you’re all invited!

Now, onto some fun facts about yours truly. I have a sidekick named Daisy Merry Marshmallow – a Shih Tzu with a flair for colorful fur. Why settle for plain when you can have a rainbow pup, am I right? When I’m not touring the local food scene, you’ll find me at the gym, lifting heavy things and pretending I’m a superhero. Oh, and I’m a Mario Kart champion, so challenge me at your own risk!

Shih Tzu dyed dog

Daisy’s Valentines Day Look

And speaking of risks, my ultimate thrill is traveling the world, one food tour at a time. If there’s a dish to try or a hidden gem to uncover, count me in! So, who’s ready for more taste adventures and belly laughs?

Here’s to many more years of deliciousness and wacky food-colored doggy escapades!

Tummy hugs and high-fives, Angee 🌮🍕🍰

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