Sangria & Calamari oh my!

IMG_2572Girls’s night is one of my favorite phrases, and I make time for it as much as possible. My fabulous friend Mse is always down for a good time, and a willing counterpart for my “try everything in downtown San Luis Obispo” idea. Flour House SLO is a newly opened authentic Italian restaurant, and where girls night happened last week.

Mse and I love wine. We love mild bodied pinot nior, big cabernet sauvignon, budget friendly red blends, easy to drink whites (porch pounders). When we arrived at Flour House SLO, we looked at each other and said “SANGRIA!”. Sangria is the best of all worlds; fresh fruit, booze, wine, and spice. Yes please! Flour House SLO makes their own Sangria in house, but only on Thursday nights for Farmer’s Market. However, we were lucky enough to be served Sangria on Friday night. Thank goodness for leftovers! Not only is this Sangria perfectly blended; a balanced blend of booze, fruit and wine; it’s only $5 a glass. What a deal! We also tried the drink @690 which is pictured next to the Sangria. This is a scotch drink, served up, with rosemary lemon syrup, ginger, lemon juice and garnished with fresh rosemary. After tasting the @690, we agreed it was best described as a “scotch margarita”. That’s exactly what the @690 tastes like.

Of course, we tried a few bites of food too, secondary to the Sangria though! Girls night priorities. The calamari e patate is wonderful! This dish is described on the menu as “oven baked squid and potatoes au gratin”.  The broth that the calamari dish is served in is delicious. I really enjoy dipping the specialty fresh baked bread into the broth. This dish is a very filling and satisfying starter for $14. I feel the bread is probably one of the highlights at Flour House. All my friends that have eaten at Flour House have said the same thing, the bread is where it’s at. I don’t know about you, but carbs is one of my favorite words. BREAD ALL DAY. For those of you with gluten phobia, allergies, sensitivities, etc, there is a gluten fee alternative, which I’ve also heard is delicious. I happen to have a serious relationship with gluten, so I’d feel weird going gluten free. I’m not a cheater.

I was surprised to find there is an outdoor seating area to dine and enjoy drinks at. This is a very pleasant space with tables to dine at, and also patio furniture to enjoy drinks on. On my next visit, I will be sitting outside and enjoying a glass of Sangria!


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