Sheila Kearns – A Luxury Chocolate Experience

Though the nearby canal may be a far cry from the Seine River that flows through Paris, stepping into Sheila Kearns Chocolate and Confections on Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo will transport you to France.

Illuminated behind glass on elegant trays, a series of hand-painted chocolates adorns small silver platters at the quaint chocolate shop. The mostly white interior includes a pop of color from a curtain of pink flowers and small figurines of the Eiffel Tower. A chocolatier wearing white gloves greets you from behind the counter and asks you an incredibly difficult question: “which chocolates would you like?”

Experience decadence at Sheila Kearns Chocolatier.

From Sheila’s award-winning peanut butter bourbon to mocha truffle or the tequila coffee with espresso sea salt and the blood orange crème, there’s a mind-boggling array of options. Each delectable piece is perfectly enrobed in either agostoni dark or milk chocolate with a handmade center, fruity or otherwise. A beautifully crafted design on top tells you this is a next level experience.

Chocolate Bunnies for Easter

How so? Consider that Sheila prepares miniature cinnamon rolls for the centerpiece of her cinnamon roll bonbon. Or that her champagne truffle uses Moet & Chandon champagne. The ruby red color of her Olallieberry Lips is painted on by hand. No rough edges, errant paint stroke or improperly filled piece ever enters the showcase, she’s that meticulous. 

On a cool fall or winter day, wander in for a decadent sipping chocolate. This isn’t your run of the mill hot cocoa, the sipping chocolate is deeply rich and creamy chocolate that’s been melted with cream. Prepare for a velvety smooth, eye-popping flavor to hit your lips and warm your entire body. 

Pretty girls in a pretty shop.

Being the artist that she is, Sheila loves to experiment with new techniques, flavors and styles. One day, you may stop in to find she’s produced a full-fat ice cream that’s swirled with her cinnamon bonbons. The next day, there’s a chocolate heart-shaped slab decked out like an edible serving plate. And did you know Sheila Kearns also offers chocolate charcuterie? This sweet take on the traditional meat and cheese platter instead features chocolate dipped fruit and nuts with an assortment of her fine chocolates. Prepare to be wowed.

So the next time you find yourself considering a Twix bar at the nearby gas station, do yourself a favor and walk on over to Sheila Kearns. If you’re going to spend the calories, you might as well make it an experience. 

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