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SLO Provisions is a place I’ve been wanting to check out for awhile. I run past it regularly, as it’s on my DT running loop. I’ve also been hearing SLO Provisions in conversation: “Getting boxed lunches at SLO Provisions” and, “Just had breakfast at SLO Provisions”. That’s all it takes to get on my radar, and I was sooo hungry when I went there for lunch this afternoon.

At first sight, SLO Provisions is the cutest. Simple white backdrop for everything, with a red, retro, country accent. There is a plethora of items displayed for sale. Cocktail mixers, chocolates, cooking items, syrups, beverages, wine, beer, it’s a delightful little market. The displays are well presented, the packing eye catching, and the items, unique and delightful. If I wasn’t on a lunch only budget, I probably would have dropped a bill on syrup and mixers. Sugar yasss.

I visited SLO Provisions with my lunch buddy Ricky, I owe him some food. He regularly makes sure I am fed and have shelter so I figured returning the solid would be well met. Good vibes, are you passing yours on? We both ooohhed and awed over the menu. The daily “Sloppy SLO Pro” sliders caught our eyes immediately. Meatloaf, applewood smoked bacon, pimento cheese, tomato jam and cabbage carrot slaw.

Described as “sometimes oinking, sometimes mooing, but always mmmm, served hot on a slider bun”, two for $10, changes daily.  Today’s slider was 10/10. In fact, big Ricky managed to put down four of the little suckers. No surprise, the fuel it takes to keep a 6’4 man going is serious business. Premium only.


We indulged in an apple pie pillow; light fluffy and apple cinnamon just like it’s supposed to be, a grilled cheese; aged cheddar, smoked mozzarella, and parmesan on whole grain bread. The texture was crisp, the taste buttery, the cheese melty. I could have eaten four. I didn’t though. SLO Provisions offers a wide selection of salads, with a fresh market fruit salad daily. Today’s selection being a watermelon strawberry salad and fruit slaw. I am a self-proclaimed slaw connoisseur, and the fruit slaw didn’t disappoint. Nectarines, peaches, red cabbage, ricotta cheese, parsley, and what I believe to be a citrus vinaigrette combined to create a refreshing, crisp, fruity slaw.


I’m looking forward to coming back to SLO Provisions for breakfast. Buttermilk biscuits and jam. That’s code for carbs and sugar. FAVE.



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