What is a Food Tour?

Taste of SLO is about to celebrate its 7th year in business, and I want to say “Go on a Food Tour!”. Also, thank you. Thank you so much for supporting my small business.

I’ve been on 20 different food tours in 7 countries, and food is my favorite way to experience a culture. We’ve all been on a tour, right? Perhaps a museum, city, graveyard, a historical sight, etc; almost every attraction has a tour. A guide informs by talking, you listen, and hopefully, you learn. Do you know what makes a tour even better? FOOD!! The best recipe for a memorable day calls for lovely weather, new friends, delicious food, laughs, and a couple drinks. Add walking to this combo, and BOOM, best day ever!

A Taste of SLO tour begins by guests meeting at our first eating location. A guide is there waiting for the guests, and starts the group off with a refreshing welcome drink. Introductions are made, and scrumptious food is served. What makes this so special? Here at Taste of SLO, we are taking you to the cities best kept secrets. No top 10 restaurants on this tour. San Luis Obispo is a city of small business. One would be hard pressed to find many chains stores in our charming city. Instead, Taste of SLO focuses on the mom & pop shops, the eateries that have passion and grit fueling them. These are destinations that you might not visit unless you had a local guide. On your Taste of SLO tour, you’ll visit 5 unique eateries by foot, over 3 hours; sampling delectable foods,  with boozy cocktails and refreshing mocktails (wine & beer too)!

If you’re visiting San Luis Obispo, or any other city in the world. Google the city name + food tour to find a tasty tour. Pro tip: Go on a food tour on your first day of vacation. This way, your local guide can give you pointers on other fun things to do, and you’ll have a list of wonderful restaurants to visit during your trip. No tourist traps for you! Also, always try to book directly on a vendors website vs a third party site (Trip Advisor, Viator, Airbnb, Groupon, Travelocity, etc). These third parties charge extra fees that get passed on to the consumer and operator. You can save $money$ and get better customer service by booking directly from tour company.

Remember, Good Food is Good Mood, and happy travels my friends.

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