What’s New & Hot in San Luis Obispo Summer 2021

Summer is here and California is OPEN! We are so happy to see people vacationing, eating, drinking, shopping and having fun. I’ve been out and about in San Luis Obispo and am happy to report that new businesses are opening everywhere. Here’s a short list of some delicious new eateries & drinkeries you must try.

Park 1039 is staffed with sommeliers, chefs, cheesemongers, and beer connoisseurs. What this means for you is an extraordinary experience. Park 1039 is currently offering bites and lunch, and have brunch & dinner on the horizon. It’s not only dining though, Park also offer a vast cheese selection, gift baskets, and a wine club. A must try is the Basque cheesecake, so rich and smooth it will make you sigh with satisfaction. Park offers a cute little parklet outside (dog friendly!) and modest indoor seating.

Cheese & Charcuterie

Gift Baskets

Ragtag Wine Co is SLO downtown’s newest, and only wine tasting room. Ragtag celebrates the diversity of the terroir on the Central Coast. Meaning, Ragtags wines are local and hot damn they’re good! Grab a glass of $12 chardonnay, sit in the parklet outside (dog friendly) and watch SLO go by. This my friends, is a primo, shaded, outdoor people admiring spot. Plus, the wines are truly delicious! Marine layer wines people, it’s a fantastic thing. Ragtag also offers little snacks to nosh.

Ragtag Wines

SLO Delicious Bakery just opened in late June, offering daily fresh-baked pastries, artisan breads, custom cakes, handmade truffles, sandwiches, and salads. You know what I like about this place? A.) They are open on MONDAY. That’s right! Any of you SLOcals know the drought that happens on “no open restaurant Mondays”, but these guys saw the opportunity to fill a gap. B.) Their hours, opening at 7 am until 5 pm. Hooray, a bakery open past 2 pm! C.) The quality of food! SCRUMPTIOUS. Stop by and say hello to Micheal and Gonzalo the owners. Stay for the brownies.

Inside SLO Delicious Bakery

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