What’s the Buzz about Breakfast?

Insert the word “burrito” into a story about any bad day and you automatically change the arc of the narrative from getting a flat tire and being late to work to a story about a time you savagely devoured a salty assortment of veggies, meat, and sauce enrobed in a soft tortilla.

So what happens if you add two burritos to that story? Perhaps it’s twice the experience.
The Breakfast Buzz on Santa Rosa Street in San Luis Obispo features an array of, you guessed it, breakfast options. The menu includes everything from forearm-sized breakfast burritos to saucy eggs benedict to fluffy pancakes, all the usual staples.
But on Tuesdays, The Breakfast Buzz offers a special BOGO deal: two burritos for the cost of one. Diners can select from the menu of specials or build your own and either split with a friend or devour one now and save the other for a bit of mid-day indulgence.
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Two for One Burrito

Maybe you want a little fire under your seat to boost you into the day. El Diablo burrito, complete with Chorizo, eggs, jalapeno, and other tasty veggies, is full of heat and sure to help clear the crusties from your eyes.
If you’re a vegetarian or in search of a cleaner, greener option, go with The Garden and enjoy its assortment of fresh veggies and egg whites. The mix of peppers, avocado, mushrooms, and feta makes this cruise down to the stomach the way an electric-charged Tesla sails down Highway 101, smooth and without a trace.

Eggs and Delicious

The restaurant features Cayucos hot sauce, a sweet yet spicy orange decadence derived from the Central Coast’s own Cayucos. You can almost taste the salty air, surfer vibe of the city in each drop of the famed sauce.
If you’re not in the mood for a burrito, the menu of eggs benedicts in four styles will surely appeal to you. If you’re craving the fresh, sun-ripened avocados that the Golden State is known for, order the California benedict and sink your teeth through a layer of avocado and bright, juicy tomato atop a poached egg and hollandaise. You could also take a swing at the Cowboy Benedict, which slings sausage gravy over top of a sausage patty and fried egg. For a trip south of the border, ask for the Huevos Benedict, which features chorizo, poached eggs, avocado and that delicious Cayucos hot sauce.
Whatever your taste buds settle on, don’t be afraid to order a single pancake to take the experience to the next level. At just $2.50 for a single flapjack, you’d be crazy not to enjoy the fluffy, buttery goodness of a griddle god like this delicious doughy disc. And make sure to snag a patio seat so you can drink up that California sunshine in between swigs of the mimosas you can order for the table.

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